Hollins shatters record for most individual contributions received by Houston mayoral candidate

Hollins received 2,077 individuals contributions this reporting period, building on campaign’s record-breaking fundraising numbers from last period

HOUSTON, TX – After previously setting new records for any reporting period in a Houston mayoral race for number of donors, total contributions, and small-dollar contributions, Chris Hollins continues to deepen his grassroots support. Hollins reported raising $547,027.83 from 2,077 individual contributions, with 1,564 contributions of $100 or less. 

The campaign has raised a total of $1,670,204.42 from 4,515 donations – the most contributions to any campaign in Houston history. Over 3,000 of those contributions were $100 or less.

“When I declared my candidacy for mayor, I aspired to run a people-powered campaign that everyday Houstonians can see themselves in and be proud of. The historic number of individual contributions and local endorsements pouring into our campaign prove that we’re accomplishing this goal,” said Hollins. “I’m humbled by the grassroots support our campaign has generated in a short time, and look forward to continuing to expand our diverse coalition.”

Hollins made early investments in building a formidable grassroots operation that has hit the ground running. Hollins has a fully operational field team that will start knocking doors, phonebanking, and text banking this month. He also amassed the largest army of small donors ever in a Houston mayor’s race, and these donors will continue to make regular contributions throughout 2023. 

Hollins was also heavily engaged in November’s Midterm Elections, helping turn out voters who were key in securing a supermajority on the County Commissioners’ Court.

Today, Hollins released his second campaign ad titled Grassroots, which offers a glimpse of the local support the campaign has garnered in such a short time. In addition to the supporters in the ad, here’s what other leaders are saying about Hollins:

Mayor Steve Adler, Austin’s 52nd Mayor and Trustee of the U.S. Conference of Mayors: “Chris Hollins is the only candidate in Houston’s mayoral race with meaningful executive experience, and he possesses the moral strength and ingenuity to lead Houston into the future—and help Texas compete globally.”

Texas State Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins: “Strong leadership in municipal government is essential to building a stronger Texas, and Chris is capable of rolling up his sleeves and delivering results.”

Texas State Representative Joe Deshotel: “The impact Chris had as Harris County Clerk was remarkable, eclipsing what some politicians have achieved in their entire careers.”

Howard Jefferson, NAACP board member: “I proudly endorse Chris Hollins as Houston’s next mayor because he is a true social justice advocate with a record of uniting people.”

Terri Burke, former executive director of ACLU of Texas: “Our next mayor must maintain strategic focus in today’s political environment to safeguard the rights of Houstonians, and Chris is the only candidate who has demonstrated this capability on a major stage.”

Alexis Melvin, president of Transgender Foundation of America: “Chris truly embraces the rich diversity of Houston, and is the only candidate who I trust to build safer communities, strengthen our infrastructure, and effectively run our city.”

Lloyd Gite, founder of the Gite Gallery: “I’m confident that Chris Hollins will build on Houston’s rich legacy of art and culture and ensure our creative community continues to thrive as mayor.”

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