Build a Safer Houston

Houston has the potential to be America’s safest major city, but too many lives are affected by violent crime, natural disasters, and preventable causes. Families must be safe, and feel safe, for Houston to thrive. We can enjoy healthier, longer, and safer lives through a comprehensive approach towards public safety.

Confront Violent Crime 

Violence is unacceptable, and its toll on Houston neighborhoods demands a response. Implementing preventative measures to tackle crime and gun violence is Chris’s top priority. 

Weatherproof Our Community

Houston’s prosperity depends on overcoming the risk of floods and extreme weather. Safe, reliable infrastructure investments are essential to sustaining our economy and everyday life. 

Promote Housing Security

Educational attainment and job success are nearly impossible without access to stable housing. Houston must offer affordable accommodations, resources, and services for those experiencing homelessness.

Foster Healthy Neighborhoods

Texas ranks among the worst states in the nation for healthcare. Collaborating with providers and empowering Houstonians with useful resources will lead to healthier lives.