Invest in Houston’s Future

Houston has earned its status as “Energy Capital of the World,” but we cannot pave our future with yesterday’s innovation. We must continue efforts to make Houston a desired destination for business, tourism, and growing families.

Keep Houston the Energy Capital of the World

Long-term regional prosperity relies on Houston maintaining its dominance in global energy, but creating the energy jobs of tomorrow requires sound investment in new technologies.

Improve Quality of Life

A clean, liveable Houston will attract new businesses and growing families. Green spaces and enhanced attractions will also increase our appeal as a desired destination. 

Make City Hall Work for You

We can deliver better results for Houstonians by prioritizing operational improvement and efficiency across core City functions. Increased transparency allows you to hold us accountable.

Modernize Transportation

Houstonians deserve to navigate the city safely, conveniently, and efficiently. We must fix streets and signals, and invest in new transit, bike paths, and sidewalks.