TWU Local 260 endorses Hollins for mayor

Courage to confront Gov. Abbott led to Hollins’s first labor endorsement

HOUSTON, TX –  Houston mayoral candidate Chris Hollins received his first labor endorsement today from Transport Workers Union Local 260. The endorsement underscores Hollins’s track record as a forward-thinking public servant and courage in confronting Gov. Greg Abbott.

“We are proud to endorse Chris Hollins to serve as the next Mayor of Houston. Chris is the only candidate in the mayor’s race with the courage to confront Gov. Abbott, and we know that he’ll defend workers rights with the same conviction,” said TWU Local 260 president Horace Marves. “Chris is a strong advocate who working families can trust, and we’re proud to stand with him today.”

TWU Local 260 represents over 1,800 Houston workers across airline, railroad, transit, universities, utilities and service sectors.

“Moving Houston forward is impossible without the hardworking transit employees who keep our city running. I’m honored to receive a mayoral endorsement from TWU Local 260,” said Hollins. “I will never go along to get along with Greg Abbott or anyone who fails to promote the best interests of working people.”

Hollins released a legislative roadmap in February highlighting recommendations to counter the extreme far-right proposals outlined in Gov. Abbott’s latest State of the State address, and urged state lawmakers to act. The full legislative agenda can be found here.