Chris Hollins launches new website, shares vision for Houston in first campaign ad

Hollins mayoral bid enters new phase with website, campaign ad, policy priorities

HOUSTON, TX – With eleven months to Election Day, Chris Hollins released his first campaign ad today, titled Hometown. The video follows the mayoral candidate and METRO board member across Houston on public transit, highlighting his commitment to tackling violent crime, safeguarding neighborhoods, and strengthening small businesses. 

WATCH: Hometown 

You can download the full video here. 

In addition to the release of Hometown, the campaign launched a new website and revealed key policy priorities to move Houston forward. The priorities are arranged into three overarching categories: 

Build a Safer HoustonHouston has the potential to be America’s safest major city, but too many lives are affected by violent crime, natural disasters, and preventable causes. Families must be safe, and feel safe, for Houston to thrive. We can enjoy healthier, longer, and safer lives through a comprehensive approach to public safety.

Expand Opportunity Across Houston – Houston is open for business, but sustaining economic growth for years to come calls for solutions that meet the evolving needs of workers and employers, increase opportunity through smart investments, and cultivate the ambition of creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Invest in Houston’s Future – Houston has earned its status as “Energy Capital of the World,” but we cannot pave our future with yesterday’s innovation. We must continue efforts to make Houston a desired destination for business, tourism, and growing families.

“I love my hometown, but the scope of Houston’s challenges requires new leadership that is committed to bringing people together and delivering results for all residents,” said Chris. “Since launching our campaign for Houston’s future, we’ve ignited a movement focused on converging the best ideas and solutions to ensure that Houston is the best city in America to live, work, and raise a family.”

Grassroots support for Chris Hollins remains unmatched, as the campaign received over 3,900 individual contributions – shattering the record for any mayoral campaign throughout Houston’s history. Additionally, the campaign earned endorsements from prominent civil rights leaders and social justice advocates like Rev. William Lawson, Howard Jefferson, Terri Burke, Lloyd Gite, Elena Marks, Dr. Polly Sparks Turner, Dr. Marcus Cosby and a host of local pastors. 

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